Color Mixing Kit for Kato Polyclay - BOTH SETS

IMPORTANT: this item has been selling so well that we are having some trouble keeping up with orders. Please allow an additional 8-10 days for this item to be shipped. Included will be BOTH of my color mixing sets, BASIC and METALLICS. Please see the individual descriptions for detailed information. You will get BOTH Recipe guides, Both color sample rings(110 basic and 96 metallic), Both Laminated cheat sheets, a set of 3 cutters AND a foot shaped cutter. If any of you have ever tried to put together a color ring like this you know it can take days of tedious work, and writing down all the recipes takes forever! I have worked hard at testing all of these recipes to make sure they are accurate, and to make sure the samples includes represent the recipes perfectly. These colors go way beyond the normal white/color/black mixes to create dozens of shades in every color family! The color ring will help you select exactly the right shade, and the guide will help you to create it! Save yourself hours of work and frustration with this excellent color mixing kit! This kit includes recipes using Kato Polyclay in the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Ultra Blue, Violet, Magenta, Brown, White and Black. Coming soon will be another color mixing set, which will add metallic clays to the mix!
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    These are a real help for newbies like me, and even for more experienced clayers. It's such a time save to find the color you're looking for (or close to it) and mix it or tweak it without wasting so much time trying to get the right color and waste the clay when you don't get the color you wanted. I give Cheryl an A+ on her kits. They're nicely done and are quite detailed. They're cute too, my samples came as foot prints. She includes the cutters you need and a cool laminated cheat sheet. I'm a happy customer!!
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