Cane Making and Cane Reduction information

All of my canes can be reduced. I have started selling canes in larger sizes for those customers that prefer the larger items.  Since the canes have not been reduced down as far, this also helps to keep down the time it takes to make the canes, and reduces the initial price.   Please read this information completely before ordering Reduction services on canes.

In order to keep my canes fresh and clean until use, all canes are sealed in plastic immediatly after being created. 

When customers want canes reduced I take these canes out of the package, warm the cane, and then work the cane until it will reduce down to the desired size.  I then take the reduced canes and re-seal them in plastic to keep them fresh and clean for the customer.  In this process the clay on the ends of the canes will distort some, and this clay is sometimes cut off and sealed in a seperate plastic sleeve.

The charge for cane reduction (from $.50-2 per cane)is to cover the time involved in reducing the canes, and the plastic sleeves used to protect them.  The smaller you reduce a cane the more time it will take and the more plastic sleeves that will be used.  A 1" cane reduced down to 1/2" can go from 3" long up to 15" in some cases!

In order to have canes reduced simply check the appropriate box on the cane order page.